The best way for marketeers to quickly capture and share visual ideas while in the shower

Spoiler, it’s TinyUX

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You’re in the shower with a great idea. You want to share it with your team RIGHT NOW, what do you do?

Option 1: Whiteboard

The wall of the shower is practically a whiteboard, so let’s put that to use! You take your markers and start drawing.

This man is on to something..

The bad

  • You look like you are going crazy.
  • You might need special expensive markers.
  • To share you need to take a picture with your phone, or invite others to join your shower.

The good

  • Quick.
  • You’ll never feel more creative!

Best for: If you are brainstorming by yourself on something brand new.

Option 2: Paper

With foresight, this man has put his desk in the shower.

The bad

  • It can be difficult to focus, knowing it will be unreadable soon.
  • The paper might fall apart in little pieces of brilliance.

The good

  • The stains created by the water can be beautiful!
  • It’s cheap!

Best for: people whose shower is broken.

Option 3: Laptop

This man is in the zone!

Surely it has crossed your mind. Will what if you did?

The bad

  • You’ll almost certainly kill your laptop.
  • You may seriously hurt yourself.
  • Desktop software & subscriptions of web apps can be expensive.

The good

  • All the features you know and love from work.

Best for: people who are not risk averse. Remember to never actually do this!

Option 4: Mobile wireframing with TinyUX

Some of the UX of TinyUX has its origin as actual #showerThoughts.

Yes! You can do simple wireframing on mobile, because it’s grid based. No issues like dragging of boxes for alignment. The visual consistent style is both clear and a friendly invitation for feedback.

The bad

The good

  • Tap tap tap some icons to create wireframe & export image. Done!
  • No account required.
  • No subscription.
  • No ads.
  • No text, so for all languages.
  • Single cheap purchase.
  • Free trial version available.

Best for: to quickly visualize your thoughts. You tap tap tap and share the image.

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