Wireframing on your Phone, Anywhere, anytime

✔ Capture & share ideas anytime, anywhere
✔ Low fidelity wires in sketchy style
✔ Grid-based layout for effortless alignment

For UX designers

As a UX designer, you can use TinyUX to quickly get feedback and iterate on your designs. Its sketchy style also lets you emphasize that your wireframe is still a work in progress, so you can make changes as needed.

For marketers

You don’t need any tech or design skills to quickly and easily create amazing wireframes that you can share with your team, no matter where you are. TinyUX gives you the freedom to bring your visual ideas to life. Get inspired and start creating today!

Great stuff. We need more serious and sophisticated mobile apps. During the initial Brainstorming for handheld devices, the inventors had stuff like this in mind. It’s a tool for authoring, not just consumption.

atmoicnature on Hackernews. on front page, December 2022


How to split a button
How to copy & paste.
Copy & paste, cut & paste, edit text via copy
How to fill a large rectangle, also works with icons.
How to use notes.
How to use the top bar in version 1.0.15.
How to use components.
Search by drawing with your finger
Text search